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Digilab has combined recent technology advancements in the miniaturization of spectrometers, data storage, laser technology, robotics and automation and developed Digilab Identity Raman Plate Reader, enabling high throughput sample measurement into microtiter plates or slides. Digilab Identity Raman Plate Reader is an innovative microplate reader based upon the power of Raman spectroscopy, providing the ability to improve the speed and accuracy of sample identification.




Raman spectroscopy has become an important analytical and research tool used in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, petrochemical, forensic science, polymers and thin films, and clinical and diagnostic applications. In Raman spectroscopy, a laser illuminates a sample, which scatters a proportion of the light. The majority of the laser light is scattered at the same frequency as the laser and is known as Rayleigh or inelastic scattering. A very small proportion of the scattered light (~10-6 of the incident light intensity) is shifted in energy from the laser frequency, with the shifted scattered light corresponding to molecular vibrations of the sample. This is known as Raman scattering. Plotting the intensity of the shifted scattered light versus frequency results in the Raman spectrum, which is unique to each sample based on its molecular structure. This extremely information-rich radiation is then collected by a spectrometer and sent to a detector. The end result produces a chemical “fingerprint” useful for identifying compounds and characterizing molecular structures and bonding effects.








Identification of unknown materials


Quality control of incoming materials


Determination of molecular structure


Measurement of reaction kinetics


Quantitative analysis of complex mixtures


Determination of crystalline phase



Food Safety & Quality






Plastics and polymers


Cannabis Testing


Cell Biology




Academic Research &  

Teaching Labs


Enviromental Analysis













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