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July 7, 2014 – Heilbronn, Germany – INSION GmbH, a developer and producer of miniaturized spectral sensors for OEM applications, e.g. in medical diagnostics, QA food and pharmaceutical process inspection, colorimetry, safety technology, agro-technology and other markets, has announced a new joint relationship with Digilab, a developer of premium tools for high throughput, high capacity sample preparation and analysis. Digilab now has exclusive U.S. distribution rights for the INSION UV/VIS and NIR Microspectrometers. These ultra-compact, single chip OEM spectrometers are small and robust enough to fit into smartphones and home hemoglobin testing devices.


“With its more than 45 years’ experience of scientific innovation in life science, analytical chemistry and diagnostic markets Digilab is the ideal company to introduce our ultra-compact, single chip OEM spectrometers to US customers”, said Sven Schönfelder, CEO, INSION GmbH.


“Designers of point-of-care products, biomedical devices, and testing systems push the technology envelope, continually searching for increased accuracy and faster results in ever smaller form factors”, said John Moore, President and COO, Digilab. “The INSION microspectrometers are best-in-class products. They bring the spectral sensor to the sample, wherever it may be. This avoids or reduces sampling errors, eliminates disturbances in the optical signal path, and delivers analytical data instantly. The monolithical design ensures enhanced stability and robustness for handheld devices or harsh environments, with no need for regular re-calibration.”


Operating in the 350nm to 1700nm wavelength range, the microspectometers are small, lightweight, and require low power. Spectral resolution for the UV/VIS microspectrometer is <10 nm FWHM, and <16 nm FWHM for the NIR system.


The hollow waveguide architecture provides enhanced throughput stability. The monolithic design and specially selected materials deliver excellent stability in terms of mechanical shock and vibration or large temperature shifts. Micro injection molding technology ensures inter instrument agreement; this means OEMs can use their own calibrations with minimal bias adjustments, resulting in lower production costs for the final products.

Customers can choose to integrate the microspectrometer modules using INSION’s full design services, from concept to production. This includes development and optimization of the optical system for the particular application, as well as integration of interfacing electronic and data processing systems.


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Digilab provides premium tools for high throughput, high capacity sample preparation and analysis. For more than 45 years, the company has been dedicated to continuous innovation. Proprietary liquid dispensing technology is at the heart of the CellJet™ Cell Printer, the only automated, live cell dispensing system designed to maintain the viability of even the most delicate cells. The Identity Raman Plate Reader combines advances in the miniaturization of spectrometers, data storage, lasers, and robotics. Other products include microspectrometers, microarrays, DNA shearing systems, and incubating shakers. The company serves pharmaceutical companies, drug discovery labs, and academic and government facilities that work in genomics, proteomics, diagnostics, and biosampling. www.digilabglobal.com


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INSION provides highly miniaturized spectral sensors for the UV, VIS, and NIR range. The company serves the medical and diagnostic market, process analyzers in the agro- and food industry, pharma and biotech manufacturing, and other industrial markets. Accordingly, microspectrometers from INSION can be found inside handheld medical devices or at multiple points in a process line or on production machinery. As a spinout from Boehringer-Ingelheim microParts GmbH, INSION has a solid history of continuous product innovation based on the ultra-precise LIGA process and on deep knowledge of building and manufacturing optical sensing devices. www.insion.de


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