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Digilab, Inc.  (Holliston, MA) is pleased to announce the introduction of its CellJet Cell Printer product and technology into Asia.  The CellJet Cell Printer was recently shown at the 23rd annual INTERPHEX 2010 show in Tokyo, Japan for live cell printing for the cellular research and tissue regeneration markets. The CellJet Cell Printer utilizes Digilab’s proprietary Contamination-Free, non-Contact synQUAD Dispensing technology offering both on-the-fly and drop-by-drop non-contact cell printing while maintaining the viability of even the most delicate cells. This CellJet offers users full control over critical dispense parameters such as dispensing speed and the height of dispense for performing even 3D printing for biofabrication applications.


The Digilab CellJet prints into plates or onto slides using a valve-free fluid path, which greatly reduces cell damage. The CellJet Cell Printer also includes full wash capability, an easy-to-clean and sterilize evaporation cover, and an effective instrument design for hassle-free maintenance. Cells are aspirated from their source through ceramic tips into coiled tubing and dispensed into microtiter plates or slides without making contact with any valve. The CellJet Cell Printer offers the ability to dispense a droplet anywhere within a microtiter plate.











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