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With its innovative platform design, Digilab MicroGrid II offers the best of both worlds; large capacity and a small footprint. Easy to upgrade and fully customizable, this unique instrument can quickly and economically adapt to the changing needs of your laboratory. Digilab MicroGrid II is designed for high throughput sample handling with the ability to work from 96, 384 or 1536 well microplates.


Up to 24 microplates at a time can be accommodated in the BioBank loading cartridge and a maximum of 10 BioBanks (240 microplates) may be programmed into a single run. The BioBank is kept chilled to prevent evaporation of samples and this feature is ideal to ensure protein samples do not denature when producing Protein Microarrays. Not only can the MicroGrid be used to produce protein arrays, but also to array DNA product onto glass slides and make macroarrays of bacterial colonies onto membranes. The HEPA filtered environmental control maintains the conditions to ensure ideal spotting for these applications.


Application flexibility

Plate chilling & plate handling







Dimensions: 35" W x 28" D x 30" H (0.9m x 0.65m x 0.76m)

Slide Capacity: 120 slides.

Plate Capacity: Up to 24 plate handling capacity with a maximum of 240 programmed plates per run.

Plate Handling: Automatic plate and lid handling for up to 20 standard microtitre plates or 24 low profile microtitre plates.

Plate Formats: 96, 384 & 1536 well plates.

Climate Control: Humidification with HEPA filtration included as standard.

Sample Cooling: Integrated plate cooling within the BioBank included as standard.

Pin Configurations: Over 40 pin configurations.

Pin Options*: Solid pins - 0.2mm, 0.4mm and 0.7mm; MicroSpot quill pins - 2500 and 10K

Wash Stations: Three wash stations & pin drying by high velocity vacuum.

PC & Monitor: PC preloaded with Windows® 2000 & TAS Application Suite. Includes 15" TFT monitor.

Clone Tracking: Clone tracking Wizard Software included.














Fixed Barcode Reader - reads barcode labels on the end of each microplate.

Handheld Barcode Reader - reads the barcodes on the slides.

Macroarray software module - macroarray bacterial colonies onto 24 x 24cm and 8 x 12cm membrane formats.

Re-array software module - create sub-libraries by "cherry picking" from master bacterial library.

Replicate software module - replicates from master plates to create copies or "daughter plates" by transferring 96 or 384 samples at a time between microplates.

PlateArray software module - prints arrays into 96 well plates.

PlateArray adaptor trays - replacement trays hold 6 microtitre plates/tray. The MicroGrid takes up to 4 trays, a maximum of 24 plates per run depending on the pin tool configuration.












Digilab offers a standard one-year in-lab warranty on all automated systems. Annual service contracts are also available, details available on request.

* MicroSpot pins are not available for sale in the United States

To optimize the performance of the MicroGrid, we offer a wide variety of innovative options:

Bench top design

HEPA filtered environmental control