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Digilab Identity Raman Plate Reader enables high throughput sample measurement into microtiter plates or slides. Work with liquid, solid or complex solutions. Produces fast, accurate measurements, generally within a few seconds. Minimizes the interference of water, making it ideal for the analysis of aqueous solutions. Discover the ease and efficiency of Raman Spectroscopy!

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Digilab MicroGrid II is designed for high throughput sample handling with the ability to work from 96, 384 or 1536 well microplates. Up to 24 microplates at a time can be accommodated in the BioBank loading cartridge and a maximum of 10 BioBanks (240 microplates) may be programmed into a single run.With its innovative platform design, Digilab MicroGrid offers the best of both worlds; large capacity and a small footprint. Easy to upgrade and fully customizable, this unique instrument can quickly and economically adapt to the changing needs of your laboratory. More details about MicroGrid II

Digilab OmniGrid® Accent offers a high performance benchtop solution for making DNA and protein microarrays. The Accent arrays biological samples from 3 plates onto a 50-slide platform and supports a print head with up to 48 pins. The OmniGrid Accent has a built-in sonnication station for cleaning, making the OmniGrid Accent ideal for custom protein microarrays. The transparent enclosure with positive-pressure HEPA filtering provides a dust-free printing environment. More details about OmniGrid Accent

Sonnication Included! Ideal for Custom Protein Microarrays.

Digilab OmniGrid® Micro is a flexible microarrayer, which is ideal for entry level production. Digilab OmniGrid Micro is designed for producing DNA or protein microarrays on slides. It can accommodate solid- or split-pin printing pins to create high- or low-density arrays for functional genomics research. The small footprint and 11-slide nest configuration make the OmniGrid Micro ideal for any laboratory starting out in microarraying. Digilab OmniGrid Micro can dip into a source plate (e.g. 96 or 384 well plate) and spot the sample solution onto a solid surface (e.g. glass slide, silicon substrate). In touching the surface with the pin, a given volume of sample is deposited onto the surface. Using the optional split microspotting pins, up to 200 consistent spots can be produced from a single dip. A vacuum wash station ensures active washing in between sample transfers while humidity control minimizes evaporation of precious sample. More details about OmniGrid Micro