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The need to grow cells from a certain cell line is part of many experimental designs in life science research, including the analysis of proteins being expressed in a normal versus a treated cell line. Automated instrumentation aids in achieving consistent and repeatable growth conditions, which are important for reliable downstream identification of the proteins in question.


For a lab's cell growth needs, Digilab HiGro® offers high-capacity incubation and shaking for accelerated cell growth in microwell plates. This uniquely engineered instrument combines a small shaking orbital, gas flow and temperature control system in a user-friendly, compact layout. Plate-holding cassettes allow easy loading and unloading.



High-throughput screening of a large number of compounds using defined biochemical assays is an early part of the experimental design in drug discovery. However, the effect of a drug on an organism is complex and cannot be predicted using biochemical assays only. Research using cells as biologically more relevant surrogates allows researchers to better understand the response of the organism (and builds the basis for further study of the proteins involved).


One of the challenges with automating cell based assays is maintaining the viability of cells during the dispensing process, as well as dispensing the cells with a high degree of precision. DigiLab synQUAD™ non-contact-dispensing technology has been used successfully in dispensing low volumes of cells and has become an important tool for cell based research.