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Some of the many reasons to automate assay assembly are to standardize processes, reduce technician time and reduce assay volume. Reducing assay volumes is a popular trend as it reduces costs and can be accomplished by using low volume, high density plates with 384 or 1536 well formats. Automation using fast – non contact ‘on the fly’ dispensing delivers reagents accurately and precisely into the wells in the volume range of 20nl and greater with CV’s of less than 10%. Multiple reagents can be dispensed while controlling the order and amount, additionally fluidic inertia ensures efficient mixing of the reagents. Virtually anything can be dispensed, examples include; alcohol, PEG, cells, SDS, protein solutions and more. Common applications include sequencing, ELISAs, SPA bead and cytotoxicity assays, Genotyping, and other PCR based assays. Digilab's MicroSys and Hummingbird are the key products


Digilab® offers its patented synQUAD™ Technology in a wide range of instrument configurations to meet your automated assay assembly requirements. Please see the synQUAD™ -based Systems to find the platform that fits your format and throughput needs.