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Take the path to 100% efficiency! If you are looking for the most reliable and accurate way to automate spot picking from your protein gels the Digilab ProPic II with integrated gel imaging and class leading spot excision is your solution. The Digilab ProPic II can be used for the automated harvesting of protein spots from 1D and 2D gels prior to tryptic digestion and mass spectrometric analysis.

Don't Settle for Unreliable Spot Excision & Harvesting

Direct imaging & picking from 1D & 2D gels stained with all commonly used protein stains

Seamless integration with DIGE

Spot excision of entire lanes from 1D gels

Easy ‘Click & Pick’ spot selection

Full environmental control





PROPIC USE (2001 – JAN 2017)    





Imaging & Picking integrated onto a single platform

Unique, High-Resolution, Built-in Imaging

16-bit Scanning, Cooled Camera (CCD)

Unparalleled Picking accuracy

A minimum of 10x improvement over currently available technology

Easy-to-Use "Click & Pick" Software

Seamless Integration with DIGE, allowing Spot Excision directly from 2D Gels using the DeCyder® pick list

Direct Imaging & Picking from backed & non-backed gels stained with all commonly used fluorescent & visible stains

Collection plates compatible with ProPrep II and ProGest

Full Gel Environment Control – Light-tight enclosure, optional HEPA filtration, cooling & humidification

Small Footprint

Spot excision of entire lanes from 1D gels

Best in Class" for: High resolution imaging, Total picking efficiency, Highly accurate spot excision














Fixed Barcode Reader - reads barcode labels on the end of each microplate.

Handheld Barcode Reader - reads the barcodes on the slides.

Macroarray software module - macroarray bacterial colonies onto 24 x 24cm and 8 x 12cm membrane formats.

Re-array software module - create sub-libraries by "cherry picking" from master bacterial library.

Replicate software module - replicates from master plates to create copies or "daughter plates" by transferring 96 or 384 samples at a time between microplates.

PlateArray software module - prints arrays into 96 well plates.

PlateArray adaptor trays - replacement trays hold 6 microtitre plates/tray. The MicroGrid takes up to 4 trays, a maximum of 24 plates per run depending on the pin tool configuration.












Digilab offers a standard one-year in-lab warranty on all automated systems. Annual service contracts are also available, details available on request.

* MicroSpot pins are not available for sale in the United States

To optimize the performance of the MicroGrid, we offer a wide variety of innovative options: