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Digilab OmniGrid® Accent - ideal for making custom protein microarrays offers a high-performance benchtop solution for printing quality microarrays. The Accent arrays biological samples from 3 plates onto a 50-slide platform and supports a print head with up to 48 pins.The whisper-quiet operation and superior printing precision of this high-speed arrayer is the result of state-of-the-art engineering. The transparent enclosure with positive-pressure HEPA filtering provides a dust-free printing environment. The Omnigrid Accent includes a built-in sonnication station for improved cleaning, ideal for printing custom protein arrays.


Digilab OmniGrid® Accent utilizes the same user-friendly interface as the popular OmniGrid and the OmniGrid 300 giving users maximum flexibility over the printing process. The software package offers extensive control over array design, pin configuration, cleaning protocols and sample sequences. The sample tracking feature seamlessly integrates OmniGrid Accent's array data with leading scanner and analysis software.

Breakthrough High-Performance Benchtop Microarrayer

Ultra high-speed

Capacity – 50 slides & 3 plates; 100-200 μm; 100,000+ features per slide

Built-in sonnication station for improved washing and cleaning, ideal for making custom protein microarrays.

Intuitive Software for easy experiment configuration

Space-saving benchtop design with laptop computer; footprint is 41" x 29" x 21"

HEPA filtration for dust-free printing with optional Humidity Control








 Supported Sample Plates

 6 and 384-well; compatible with a variety of manufacturers



 4000 spots per slide on 50 slides in 1 hour with 48 pins


 Positional Resolution

 2.5 microns


 Positioning System

 High-performance closed-loop servo motor









For entry level production: OmniGrid Micro is a flexible microarrayer for entry level production.


For high throughput sample handling: MicroGrid II is designed for high throughput sample handling with the ability to work from 96, 384 or 1536 well microplates.

Digilab offers a standard one-year in-lab warranty on all automated systems. Annual service contracts are also available, details available on request.

* MicroSpot pins are not available for sale in the United States

Sonnication Included!

Ideal for Custom Protein Microarrays.