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Digilab's HiGro® is a high-capacity, incubating shaker designed to accelerate sample growth in microwell plates. This uniquely engineered instrument combines a small shaking orbital, gas flow and temperature control system in a userfriendly, compact layout. Plate-holding cassettes allow for easy loading and unloading.

The convenience and control of the Digilab HiGro system make it the ideal solution for facilities with high-throughput growth needs as well as for laboratories using applications that are best optimized in a microwell format.


Digilab's HiGro® combines orbital shaking, aeration and incubation in a high-capacity cell growth, plasmid growth system. These unique features make sample growth in standard 96 or 384 microwell plates ideal for production sequencing and other downstream applications. When used in conjuction with Microwell Plate Cassettes (instrument comes with 4 Microwell Plate Cassettes standard), HiGro simplifies plate handling, storage and organization.

A High-Capacity Microwell Plate Growth System

Space-saving design: 26" x 21" of bench or floor space

High-throughput: 48 shallow-well or 24 deep-well plates. Optimizes growth in 96- and 384-microwell plate formats

Superior sample aeration: Uniquely optimized for 96-well or 384-well plate shaking

Convenient: Easy to load & set up





Digilab offers a standard one-year in-lab warranty on all automated systems. Annual service contracts are also available, details available on request.

Dimensions: 26" W x 21" D x 22" H (0.66m x 0.53m x .56m) (small footprint allows placement on lab bench)

Capacity: 4 growth chambers, each holding 1 cassette with 12 shallow-well or 6 deep-well plates. Total system capacity is 48 shallow-well plates or 24 deep-well plates.

Temperature: Independent control for each chamber. Range is ambient to 55°C. Resolution is 1°C.

Shaking: Rotational orbital is 8.0 mm (ideally suited for 96-well growth) or 4.0 mm (ideally suited for 384-well growth)*. Maximum speed is 650 rpm. Resolution is 1 rpm.

Gas Flow: Oxygen- or air-ready*. Gas flow rate and timing controls located on instrument front panel.