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If you need highly reproducible and sensitive microarray hybridizations while eliminating the intense labor and guesswork of traditional manual methods, use the Digilab HybStation. You'll also save time and money by eliminating the need to repeat failed experiments, a common problem with manual hybridization methods.

The Personal Solution to Microarray Hybridization

Increased reproducibility through precise temperature control and sample agitation.


Ability to program and run multiple protocols.


Sample loading using standard laboratory pipettes and disposable tips.


Onboard microprocessor with LCD touch screen Increases research flexibility by allowing you to define, edit and store individual methods using the Methods Editor software.


Programmable temperature control allows for stepwise annealing of probes based on their GC content, resulting in improved hybridization specificity and more reliable data.


The Hyb 12 has 6 different chambers, each chamber taking 2 slides and allowing different probes.


Minimizes handling of microarrays, substantially reducing human error (better control over the experimental variables, increased reproducibility).


Maximize hybridization through gentle and consistent agitation that enhances kinetics and removes "edge effects." (ensures that the target equally addresses all probes on the array).


Easy hybridization set-up with the built-in touch screen and modular units. Unlike the manual cover slip method, the success of the hybridization does not depend on individual skills or competency levels.


Specialized reagents precisely manufactured to maximize probe attachment and minimize background.





Digilab offers a standard one-year in-lab warranty on all automated systems. Annual service contracts are also available, details available on request.

* MicroSpot pins are not available for sale in the United States