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Digilab Identity Raman Plate Reader enables high throughput sample measurement into microtiter plates or slides. Work with liquid, solid or complex solutions. Produces fast, accurate measurements, generally within a few seconds. Minimizes the interference of water, making it ideal for the analysis of aqueous solutions. Discover the ease and efficiency of Raman Spectroscopy!

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Looking for the fastest and most accurate way to screen hundreds of protein crystallization conditions using minimal amounts of protein? The Honeybee is your solution.


Digilab Honeybee 961 has a single synQUAD channel while Digilab Honeybee 963 provides 3 independent synQUAD channels where three different experiments can be set up automatically in each well of a crystallization plate, without compromise on plate preparation time. 

Digilab HoneyBee X8 has 8 synQUAD dispense channels. Honeybee X8 is a high speed bench-top system for the miniaturization of protein crystallization experiments. The simple system set-up supports all commercial plate formats and is ideal for labs with multiple users.

Digilab HoneyBee 81 & 161 have 16 synQUAD dispense channels. They are bench-top systems for the miniaturization of protein crystallization experiments. With hardware specifically designed for protein crystallization, the Honeybee systems can be set up for sitting drop, hanging drop or microbatch applications. Low volume (nL) dispensing of the precipitant solutions is accomplished using market proven synQUAD™ technology across 8 or 16 channels while protein is added via an independent synQUADchannel.