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Looking for the fastest and most accurate way to screen hundreds of protein crystallization conditions using  minimal amounts of protein? The Honeybee is your solution.


Digilab Honeybee 961 and 963 are high speed bench-top systems for the miniaturization of protein crystallization experiments. The simple system set-up supports all commercial plate formats and is ideal for labs with multiple users. Both the Honeybee 961 and 963 use software specifically designed for the easy programming of a wide range of protocols for sitting drop crystallization experiments.


These Honeybee benchtop protein crystallization systems provide rapid and Consistent dispensing of protein and screening reagents onto any protein crystallization plate for vapor diffusion and microbatch techniques. The systems utilize our proprietary synQUAD non-contact dispensing technology for deposition of protein and screening reagents. Our Honeybee 961/963 systems utilize a combination  of  a 96 channel low volume dispense head, and dedicated synquad protein dispenser to allow for rapid processing of crystallization  plates.


961 vs. 963

While  in  the  Honeybee  961  protein  is  added  via  a  single  synQUAD“ channel, the Honeybee 963 provides 3 independent synQUAD“ channels, increasing the flexibility of  the experimental design. Three   different experiments  can be  set up automatically in each well of a crystallization plate, without compromise on plate preparation time.  


synQUAD™ Technology

Low volume (nL) dispensing of the precipitant solutions is accomplished using a market-proven 96-position syringe dispenser while protein is added via a separate synQUAD™ channel. The Honeybee systems use proprietary synQUAD technology from Digilab to provide precise and accurate non-contact dispensing of low volumes and conservation of valuable protein sample. It maintains precision even with more challenging solutions such as detergents and more viscous solutions (e.g. 30% PEG).



Cost effective protein crystallization

Simple experiment set-up

Elimination of carry-over

Conservation of valuable protein

Minimization of evaporation

Accurate and precise transfer of viscous screening solutions

96 tip nanoliter dispenser for dispensing 96 different conditions at a time

Precise transfer of viscous solutions

Vapor diffusion crystallization (sitting drop or hanging drop, and micro-batch)

Rapid experiment setup



Digilab offers a standard one-year in-lab warranty on all automated systems. Annual service contracts are also available, details available on request.