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Digilab Honeybee 81 and 161 are bench-top systems for the miniaturization of protein crystallization experiments. With hardware specifically designed for protein crystallization, the Honeybee systems can be set up for sitting drop, hanging drop or microbatch applications. Low volume (nL) dispensing of the precipitant solutions is accomplished using market proven synQUAD™ technology across 8 or 16 channels while protein is added via an independent synQUADchannel.


Digilab Honeybee 81 and 161 utilize the proven, proprietary Digilab synQUAD™ technology to provide precise and accurate non-contact dispensing of low volumes and conservation of valuable protein sample. The non-contact synQUAD™ technology maintains precision at low volumes with even the most challenging solutions such as detergents and more viscous solutions (e.g. 30% PEG). The systems are available with 8 or 16 synQUAD channels, ensuring any user, regardless of throughput, can benefit from Honeybee technology.



HONEYBEE 161 & 81

   Conservation of valuable protein

   Elimination of carry-over

   Rapid plate preparation

   Conservation of valuable protein

   Multiple crystallization techniques

   Minimization of evaporation

   96 tip nanoliter dispenser for dispensing 96 different conditions at a time

   Precise transfer of viscous solutions

   Vapor diffusion crystallization (sitting drop or hanging drop, and micro-batch)

   Rapid experiment setup



Digilab offers a standard one-year in-lab warranty on all automated systems. Annual service contracts are also available, details available on request.